It takes place in a near future, in a fallen world after a devastating world war between woman and man. Only one percent of the world's population has survived the war and most of them are women. The few surviving men are being killed or captured by female groups, driven by the vision and the determination to build a new world, ruled only by women

Winner of 8 international movie awards!!

The true story about The Redneg

YES, it's an independent low budget movie. The film was shot during the Corona pandemic between June-August 2020. Released by Steven film & music management. Distributed by Freestyle digital media, California USA. Produced and written by Jake Sakima. Directed, shot and edited by Luc Ziann. Music by Luc Ziann & Jake Sakima.

Let's get things straight. Filmmaking is the hardest occupation in the world. It doesn't matter if it's a great Hollywood production or a low budget independent production. But it's definitley harder to make a good low budget independent movie than a Hollywood movie, because they have money and resources. In our case we didn't have anything but a camera and a shotgun. And the whole production was hanging on MY shoulders. Becasue I was the only one directing, shooting, being 1st AD at the same time. My role was to control THE WHOLE PRODUCTION alone. If you have anything to say about that let me know? 

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No one got paid. We all did this for free...