"I see myself as an honest visionary, but above all an Artist. I take the garbage and turn it into something beautiful, something good. I can create something out of nothing."



A deeper understanding of the entire operation process. Strong management level for creative projects. Good quality, outstanding timing, high artistic literacy and other abilities. As director and producer i'll take the work to the highest level, no matter where i am.

I believe in freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. The most important things are teamwork, creativity, to keep an open mind, to create magic & harmony, and to take the work to the highest level. 

The Actor

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 84 Kg

Eye color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Brown Light Brown

Languages: Swedish/American English

More info coming soon!

Art By Luc Ziann

1992- Drums & Percussion

1996- Songwriter & Producer

1996- Guitar, Keyboard, Lead vocals, Background vocals

2010- Filmmaker & Director

2018- Trained Actor

2000- Creative Projects